JSF by the JBoss with the Red Hat

If you develop with JSF products you should try to get rid of “tag-based” and get something “visual”. JSF is component-based and similar to the good old GUI development, a lot of us did a decade ago with Delphi, Visual Basic and the like.

If you have a look at OpenSource and cost-free products, there’s not much you can call “visual development”. New in this circle of cost-free wannabes is Exadel Studio Pro.

I already had a look at their standard edition some months ago and it was not what I looked for. Although, I did not have a look at the pro edition yet, other people seem to like it. Well, now it is free to everyone and we also get other frameworks that can help to get a better JSF future in context to AJAX.

You may remember that the Eclipse WTP is still working on a JSF extension? Here’s a presentation about the state of affairs.