Spring 2.5 – It’s Time For Annotation Driven Injection

Wow, the Spring guys are fast. The Spring Core gets a 2.5 and some other sub projects are ready for productive use:

Spring 2.5 allows a standardized and JDK 6 compliant use of annotations. So, annotation driven injection can be done. InfoQ has started a series of articles about this and other features. Rod has published some slides about Spring Configuration through annotations, etc. He has also updated his Spring introduction at the ServerSide.

The Spring Dynamic Modules (formerly known as Spring OSGi) allow to follow the new and standardized Java component model that is used successfully in Eclipse (for Plugins) and other contexts.

Spring Web Flow allows to define the navigation of e.g. JSF contexts in an independent and reusable way. This allows to change the underlying presentation framework for future redesigns.

BTW: Interface21 has changed to SpringSource.