Adobe Open Screen Project: Is Java ME Dead In the End?

I read Schalk’s “Adobe announces Open Screen Project” at DZone today. Quite amazing what Adobe is doing here. They skip the licensing of the most important protocols and file formats. These are free to use now, independent from the platform, context, whatever you like.

Additionally, they promise, with the help of the big players in the wireless business, to deliver a runtime with the next Flash player release, that allows to design and deploy applications that behave the same and look the same independent from the platform (PC, PDA, …).

Reading this I remembered that this was what we talked about at Sun at the beginning of the century. Having a look at Java, I wondered myself why the big players announce such a corporation. Do they miss something with the current Java ME?

I’m not a Java ME developer. So, I can’t give any details. But, it seems to me that Flex, AIR and the Flash runtime could deliver something better to the wireless world. Similar to AIR on the desktop in comparison to all the RCP ideas from Eclipse and Netbeans.

My first experiences with AIR are promising. The concept works. Although, experience shows that in real life projects with different platforms everything is different. But, why not using a new technology, that is a bit smaller, simpler, faster, or – even better – cooler in the end?

Is Java ME dead? Well, there are so many deployments out there with a lot of applications. Maybe in ten years, when the world talks about Java as a legacy that is better integrable than Cobol these days ;-).