Google Chrome Will Rock the Web

The last days I had a look at Google’s latest public announcement: The Chrome Browser. Yes, Google has its own now. You may ask, why this? That was also my first question.

Here’s the answer:

I like what they are doing over at Google, and I’m always impressed by their results. A new browser architecture for native support of Web 2.0 applications. Fantastic idea. Why?

The old implementations, based on architectures more than a decade ago, show where’s the real problem with the use of the Web:

Microsoft still doesn’t fully support the standards. I invest a lot of time to get something running in the Internet Explorer that works in others like a charm. Its market share contradicts its quality.

Firefox. Oh my god. I started with one of these 0.9 releases and I already thought those days: Please, don’t let this architecture become mainstream. It became – and now, I have to use a browser that even crashes the OS. It is still too memory hungry and let you restart the browser from time to time to keep it stable on Windows. Seems to me that code quality is still a big problem in Firefox.

On the other hand, I can’t live without Firebug. There’s already a similar presentation in Chrome’s developer menu. But, the inspect button is missing, the presentation is in a separate window (not in a bottom frame) or in a tab if you choose this, and the Javascript debugger is also separated. On the other hand you get detailed statistics about the memory footprint of a Web page in a single tab.

So, I hope I’ll get a precise copy of Firebug (or can use the original plugin) in Chrome, so that it can become one of my main tools in Web development.

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  1. rainwebs

    Re-read this post today. Chrome is my main tool today. Although, I've to switch to Firefox for using Firebug from time to time.

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