Spring ActionScript – Dependency Injection and more for Flex/AIR

Projects that use Spring’s Dependency Injection for years and start to think about using Flex in their frontends naturally ask for something similar for the Flex/AIR development. SpringSource has a new incubator project delivering such an Actionscript framework.

The first step in integrating Spring and Flex is BlazeDS. Meanwhile there are two ways to establish a communication:

Christophe’s implementation is used in a lot of projects already. But, it is pretty clear that this implementation will soon be replaced by the official Spring implementation. The Spring implementation delivers tighter integration and allows to use the full potential of the Spring technology behind. So, the integration of Spring and Flex is not a real challenge anymore.

If you have a look at the Flex you’ll find a lot of ideas that allow to implement solutions fast and easy. A lot of today’s implementations show that even simple stuff beats everything that can be done with AJAX these days.

But, even all these ideas and features let you miss some cool ideas Spring brought to Java, like Dependency Injection. Since Flex 3 there are different implementations that try to realize such features for the Actionscript environment, like fireclay, mate, Parsley, Prana, SmartyPants IOC, swiz.

Indeed Prana became Spring ActionScript at the end of last year. Christophe Herreman, the inventor and lead developer, gives more details in his blog. There’s also a Spring sub forum. Christophe Coenraets also offers articles about it in his blog (2). There are some infos about Maven 2 support. The latest news will be found in the future at http://www.springactionscript.org/.

As with BlazeDS and its Open Source competition we can expect that using Spring ActionScript, something direct from “the source”, we will have planning reliability for our architecture. There is a likelihood that it will become the standard in the near future.

If you like the MVC pattern there’s one open question: which MVC implementation that is using Spring ActionScript will become the standard (PureMVC, …)? Or will it be Spring ActionScript itself finally?