A Real Typewriter Simulation in Java – How Crazy is This?!

Java used in marketing. Or what kind of useless tool do you have to write to become famous.

I had a look at ProBlogger about his current promotion experiences with the new eBook when I found a post about a promotion for a film project.

The guy invested $50 for a developer writing a pretty useless tool: the simulation of a real typewriter. A text editor without delete, backspace or even cursor movement. What a cool promotion tool for a film project, inspired by, you guess it, a guy still using a typewriter.

This is indeed a pretty useless Java tool with a fun factor for the elder developers ;-). My first try:

Java Typewriter
Download Typewriter

How about a game: who can write a text with the fewest mistakes in one minute ;-).


  1. Kjartan Ólason

    great idea, for a game… you would put the text in top, and you have x time to write it without errors… I actually used a program like that in a class in my school when learning computers etc… but it wasn't a game, but I liked it.

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