Graffitis in 3D – Brilliant Idea!

I’m a Hip Hopper since 1983 and I’m collecting Graffitis since 1998. But, besides some DJing and Mixing I never really produced stuff myself. Today I found an interview that presents a brilliant idea: create Wildstyle Graffitis with your 3D software.

During my search for photoblog stuff with a special focus on Graffiti art, I found an interview with Brad Schwede, a real sprayer. He has developed a technique that allows to take the well-known 3D style of street writing into a Web context. He uses 3D tools and creates the Wildstyle with his computer.

Some examples:

Graffiti Steampunk

Graffiti Motorcycle

Although, the edges are still a bit rough, it already shows the potential. The art can be found at

Graffititechnica - 3d graffiti

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