XMind: Mind Mapping On Eclipse RCP For Free

Today I found a link to XMind and realized that we now have an Open Source alternative to FreeMind. For short, it rocks.

I’m a fan of Mind Mapping for over a decade now. I used Mind Manager for years and bought updates until Mind Manager X5. But, I stopped buying the following updates, because it was too expensive for what I could do with the new features. Meanwhile I had a look at FreeMind and used it at the office for some little projects. But, in the end I went back to Mind Manager X5.

FreeMind doesn’t really rock from the user experience and it isn’t appealing. You have a lot more work to get a similar result that you even get with the old Mind Manger X5.

But, with XMind Standard, the free variant of XMind, this may change soon. It is comparable to Mind Manager X5 from the drawing point-of-view, what is the most important feature to me. The re-structuring feature is also a plus. And it has a publishing feature that allows to share your work with the world.

If you have a look at the “File – New” menu you’ll find templates for:

  • Brainstorming Chart
  • Meeting
  • Org Chart
  • Project Management
  • Reading Journals
  • Personal Management

Study these. All are appealing and worth to give them a try. Although, the offer is limited from the number of templates in comparison to Mind Manger X5, you get more types to choose from. I have to test all these new types a little longer to say that those are useful. But, a first look at these was promising.

If you choose XMind Pro, a $49.00/year subscription, you get more project management presentation features, e.g. a Gantt view or MS Office support, to impress your Stakeholders.

Hint: After the XMind Standard install you may get an JVM error. Try this solution:

Move the “-XX:MaxPermSize=256m” above the “-vmargs” in the “xmind_install_folder\xmind.ini”.


  1. Jona

    It's GREAT to resolve my problem!
    My XMIND will display a error message and terminal this program.
    The error message is follow:
    JVM Exit, error code = -1

  2. andrew

    xmind is great. i just wish it was possible to paste pictures into the notes pane, like in mindmanager. then, it would be a killer app.

  3. rainwebs

    I answer here because I don't want to create an account in your blog to give a comment. Interesting idea. Remembers me a bit of a collaboration diagram I use to describe navigation paths of a user interface.

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