20 Years of Excellent German Hip Hop with Fanta 4

I had a look at German TV this evening for an one hour excerpt from the 20th anniversary concert of Die Fantastischen Vier, Germany’s first popular Hip Hop act. They are better than ever and still rock the house.

I’m a fan of the Fantas from the early beginning. They were the first German-speaking Hip Hop band that became popular. Meanwhile they sold over 6 million copies. Pretty interesting is that they started like the traditional Hip Hop bands with using samples and simple beats. Today they have a live performing band. Even a full-blown symphonic orchestra was part of the anniversary concert. The MTV unplugged concert some years ago already showed that these guys are musicians and not only hip hoppers. Their live performances show that they are part of the top acts on stage.


The Anniversary Concert

Smudo and his nice daughter 5 days before the concert:


Smudo and Thomas D. WoW Advertising

Fanta WoW Gnomes

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  1. rainwebs

    Meanwhile I bought the CD/DVD pack. Great stuff. Pretty good mastering. The speakers in the car create a great sound. Everything filmed in HD, I think. Looks nice.

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