The ICElocator for Important ICEfaces Information Goes Online

I work with mindmaps for years now. They are pretty flexible and I like to use them for brainstorming. They are also useful for a compact presentation of topics you want to present to customers or co-workers. ICElocator is such a mindmap for ICEfaces.

There are a lot of online tools today that support to present mindmaps to the public. During my JSF searches with Google I found mind42, an implementation of Irian, the guys that are focused on the implementation of Apache MyFaces. Although it is not one of those cool Flex implementations it behaves similar. There’s a lot of Dojo in it.

The user experience is pretty cool. As an experienced mindmapper I miss some features. But, it delivers enough features to present something useful – and its free.

Here’s a live presentation (you may resize it with the bottom slider to get a better overview):

Full-blown presentation