Springsteam Becomes ICEfusion.dev

The redesign of my blog is almost done. The new theme is based on the WordPress Headway Theme (Affiliate Link). A pretty cool theme you should have a deeper look at if you don’t have the money to engage a Web designer, but need a professional and easy to use theming.

The content of the blog will change in the next months, too. After publishing my book and the increasing demand for ICEfaces-based development information my blog will get a stronger ICEfaces focus. It will discuss advanced ICEfaces topics and also have a look at JSF basics that are necesary to use ICEfaces. I never thought that there’s a demand for this. But the ICEfaces forum asks for this from time to time.

All content will be written in context to my book. So, if you still have no copy ;-). The code examples will use or extend the already existing ICEfusion Framework. ICEcube, the book example application, is based on ICEfusion. I plan to cut AppFuse from the stack so that ICEfusion will become more reusable. Maybe ICEcube will be further developed in this context, too.

I still have to convert some old postings and polish the image management. So, please be patient if the blog will show some tweaks the next weeks. Thanks.