“Planning replaces coincidence with error.”, Albert Einstein
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”, Albert Einstein

For me Scrum is as important to project management as Spring is to modern Java architecture. The next years will show that a lot of people will change to Scrum to become happier with their work and to produce more in less time with a better quality. Although we hear this for decades now, a combination of Scrum + XP Engineering Practices has proven that we will reach a next step in productivity.

This blog has a focus on Scrum Masters and Scrum Developers. The current Scrum “bible” for those beginners is Mike Cohn: Succeeding with Agile – Software Development Using Scrum. The current “bible” for Scrum Product Owners is Roman Pichler: Agile Product Management with Scrum – Creating Products that Customers Love. I recommend this book to all Scrum team members although it has a focus on product management.

Scrum Master Certification

You can select between the Scrum Alliance and The Scrum Alliance still has a focus on having a training and get a certificate for being on the training. To get a certificate from is more difficult. The assessment tests if you understand what you are talking about. If you want to test yourself or need something to prove your knowledge (for the HR department knowing the Scrum world) is the better alternative. If you already have some experiences as Scrum Master you may start with becoming a certified Scrum Master on your own.

Introduction to Scrum

If you are new to the Scrum world you may start with a look at the videos or the slides.

You may also have a look at the the Scrum patterns from the Beyond Scrum slides and the Free Course from Agile Helpline.

Agile Leadership

If you are part of the management you have to think about transforming yourself into the agile world. Else the agile changes in your company may fail. Some hints on this.

Estimation Planning

There is a project to put some more art into the the planning poker idea: Scrum Poker Art.

Writing Your Next Book

Ever thought about writing your own book? You may think about using scrum for it.

Further Reading

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